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SIBALT (Russia)

SIBALT Ltd provides Monitoring and Control Systems for:

  • Industry
  • Chemistry
  • Power Generation & Distribution
  • Transports
  • Water Supply & Treatment

……. and many other applications

SIBALT combines the best from two worlds with high-quality polycarbonate mosaic and new LED videowalls on stable cast aluminum modular frame structures.

  • PC-based automatic control with redundant direct hardwired signal lines
  • Scaling a part of diagram with preserve whole process monitoring and control
  • Additional flexible section of displayed information with reliability of classic process solution
  • Video images with long-term recognized common ergonomics and eyes-friendly interface
  • Easy to reconfigure both mosaic and video setup
  • Best combination of functionality, implementation and service cost

From its beginning SIBALT focused to understand satisfy the needs, requirements and improve relations with each and every one of its customer’s.